i am content with NOTHING.

    going to the optometrist tomorrow to get my new glasses that don’t sit crooked on my dumb face.

    For example, it’s quite telling that this group of coders and designers decided it wouldn’t be fucking embarrassing to go forward with this product with so so so little diversity on their team. That wasn’t a deal-breaker for them. Demographic diversity is closely tied to a diversity in perspectives and ideas. Like, if this group was even a little more diverse they would likely have known better than to make a social site live without a block button. As @interdome said, “if a social network can’t figure out that it will need a block button on its own, I don’t have much hope for it’s survival.”

    As it goes, Ello creator Paul Budnitz said, “we built Ello for people like ourselves”.

    This is yet another example of social media built by designers, coders, and entrepreneurs, but no central role for those expert in thinking about and researching the social world. The people who have decided they should mediate our social interactions and write a political manifesto have no special expertise in the social or political. I’m pretty tired of social technologies being treated as far more technology than social, where the coders and designers run the thing and those who study social relations, study sex and gender and race and sexuality and identity and culture and power and domination and vulnerability and resistance and everything else hope to get our opinions heard later on.



    Before you say yes, get him angry. See him scared, see him wanting, see him sick. Stress changes a person. Find out if he drinks and if he does, get him drunk - you’ll learn more about his sober thoughts. Discover his addictions. See if he puts you in front of them. You can’t change people, baby girl. If they are made one way, it doesn’t just wear off. If you hate how he acts when he’s out of it now, you’re going to hate it much worse eight years down the road. You might love him to bits but it doesn’t change that some people just don’t fit.

    kitty that haunts the pharmacy.


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